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    Going on right now in Ferguson: Police are raiding a church that has been stocked with medical supplies, food, and tear gas recovery kits for community members engaging in protests. This cannot be allowed to continue.

    Stand up, speak out. 



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    US Constitution, First Amendment: The right to assemble, to have free speech, to have freedom of the press.

    Ferguson Police: Kicks out media and limits protestors to a “First Amendment Area”image

    funny, i thought the WHOLE COUNTRY was a first amendment area. silly me. 

    Wow. They are going to have so many lawsuits when all is said and done.

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    In Pierre, South Dakota 4 local police officers surrounded and tasered and an 8 year old Indian girl. The mom is suing. STORY HERE

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    In Ghana we say no

    Ghanaian celebs against skin bleaching 

    Actress and TV personality, Ama K Abebrese earlier this year, kicked off a campaign to fight against skin bleaching and skin toning. The initiative has now reached its peak with billboards popping up in Accra and Kumasi to send across her message.

    With the help of Hamamat, winner of Miss Malaika Ghana 2012, Actress Nana Ama Mcbrown and actress/singer Paulina Oduro, Ama K is taking her spreading her campaign wide and across all media. Her choice of Nana Ama McBrown, and Pauline Oduro, clearly sends the message that the campaign is not against light skin but a message for women in particular to love their skin, no matter the shade or tone!

    Ama K posted on her Instagram: “Some of the billboards of ‘Say NO to skin bleaching/skin toning’ campaign are out on the streets of Accra and Kumasi. #Ghana. Have you spotted any of them? Tell us where. #ilovemynaturalskintone”

    Hamamat is a former beauty queen and model. She was crowned Miss Malaika Ghana in 2006. She is an advocate to the ‘Say NO to skin bleaching/skin toning’ campaign. Her natural skintone can be described as dark/chocolate and she says ‘I Love my Natural Skintone’. #saynotoskinbleaching

    Nana Ama McBrown is a multiple award winning celebrated Ghanaian actress. She is an advocate for the ‘Say NO to skin bleaching/toning campaign. Her natural skintone can be described as caramel. She says; ‘I Love my Natural Skintone’. #saynotoskinbleaching

    Paulina Oduro aka ‘Aunty Paulina’ is a singer, actress and TV personality with over 30 years experience in the entertainment industry. She is mixed raced and she is an advocate for the ‘Say No to skin bleaching/skin toning #campaign. Her natural skin tone can be described as caramel and she says ‘I Love my natural skin tone’. #saynotoskinbleaching

    ‘I Love my Natural Skintone’. Say NO to skin bleaching/skin toning campaign. #saynotoskinbleaching Loving the skin I’m in. Loving my dark skin, embracing the beautiful chocolate hue that God blessed me with. He made no mistakes with my skin. My black is indeed beautiful. Join the campaign and upload your pictures and tag ‘I love my natural skintone’ and share your views, let’s go

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  6. Anonymous said: You do realise that it's possible to understand systemic and institutional racism, problems of overuse of police force in black neighborhoods (including racial profiling) and STILL think that in THIS SPECIFIC INSTANCE the violent incident had nothing to do with race?


    You don’t understand systemic racism if you can say the ferguson shooting has nothing to do about race. Ferguson is one of the top ten most segregated districts in the country and the police department, as I’ve already shared and you continuously ignore, has a history is racial profiling.

    You’re saying the same thing over and over and I keep providing facts - yet black people who talk about race are always labeled as “defensive” “irrational” and “inaccurate”

    What are you fighting for? The “it’s mean to call people racist” campaign?

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    #feminist #feminism #women

    I’m always amused when women, especially white, cis, straight women, take on this “well, I don’t see how Feminism benefits ME, so fuck it!” mentality. 

    Because, like, ok, perhaps you have enough privileges that the impact of systematic gender inequality is pretty mitigated for you. Sure. 

    But, like, do you not give a shit about your sisters? About your sisters of color, and LGBTQIAP+ sisters, and disabled sisters? About your sisters who ARE targets of violence, who are suffering? 

    Because lists like this only betray 2 things, a) That the person who wrote it does not understand the sociological concepts and theories that lay the foundation for much of feminist theory and b) that they don’t give a shit about anyone less fortunate than themselves in regards to marginalization and oppression. 

    OP is on some ignorant shit.

    how to completely misunderstand and misrepresent feminism, while showing arrogance, ignorance, and complete disdain for those who are suffering: a photo post by someone with no concept of oppression

    Also, if you think the patriarchy doesn’t affect you, and that you aren’t a target for violence, be it general or sexual, you might want to sit down, because I have some seriously bad news for you

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    Monday night. Part 6.

    [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5]

    "Cops seem determined to press this until someone gets killed or they get the huge riot they’ve been itching for." -Matt Yglesias 

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    Monday night. Part 7

    [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6]

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    Tonight in Ferguson, Mo. Even CNN is calling out police brutality.

    We are watching history unfold. Do not stand down. Spread the word.

    No justice, no peace.

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  13. And the rest of us are not treated like human beings. Period.(x)

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